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Banco BIC does not request confirmation of Access Keys or Coordinates Card data through email.

Please, immediately report any suspicious requests.

  • +(244) 923 190 870
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • +(244) 266 432 700

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Banco BIC, S.A will never request in any situation:

  • Confirmation of Access Keys (Number / User Name and PIN Number) and of the coordinates on your Coordinates Card through email;
  • Entering every coordinate of your Coordinates Card at the same time, under any pretext. The Coordinates Card is personal and non-transferable and corresponds to your signature. Never reveal its contents, or give it to anyone, even if they are someone you trust.

Any request asking for information in the conditions described above is falsified, even when it is presented to you through an email or page featuring the Banco BIC, S.A image.


Security when accessing the Homebanking Service
Banco BIC does not make email requests for your card coordinates or Access Keys to the BIC NET service.
Fraudulent emails
You should not send Access Keys through electronic mail.